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Wedge haircuts and hairstyles for 2019
Wedge haircuts and hairstyles for 2019 "width =" 500 "height =" 500 "data-jpibfi-post-excerpt =" "data-jpibfi-post-url =" -frisuren-fuer-2019 / "data-jpibfi-post-title =" Wedge Haircuts and Hairstyles for 2019 "data-jpibfi-src =" 05 / wedge haircuts and hairstyles-for-2019.jpg "/></strong><strong>Layered wedge haircut </strong></p>
<p>It’s an extreme haircut that will never bore you. The design requires that the strands have some irregular layers and get a cool paint job. The angular contrast between the lengths is more than visible. However, this wedge haircut also has some original highlights that make the overall look a top-notch. Use your hair straightener to complete the look.<span id=
Wedge haircuts and hairstyles for 2019 "width =" 450 "height =" 500 "data-jpibfi-post-excerpt =" "data-jpibfi-post-url =" -frisuren-fuer-2019 / "data-jpibfi-post-title =" Wedge Haircuts and Hairstyles for 2019 "data-jpibfi-src =" 05 / 1559244938_683_Keilhaarschnitte-and-hairstyles-for-2019.jpg "/><strong>Shag haircut </strong></p>
<p>Beach waves make this cut absolutely wearable. The ruffled texture looks like the model does not spend time styling. This shag haircut is pretty tender and gorgeous because of the color. Natural brown hair was combined with silvery-blonde stripes to create a multi-dimensional look. You will want to bleach your threads to place those exquisite silver highlights in your threads. <img class=

If you’re planning a style change for your locks to help you look secure, a wedge cut is the best option for you. The variety of wedge hair cuts gives you an everyday trendy and stylish look without being too casual. These cuts look exceptionally good on straight or slightly curly hair. Wedge is a sixties style that resembles the Bowl Cut. The look requires soft pony and layers to bring it into a modern day. Here are some Wedge haircuts and hairstyles for 2019.


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