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The Shatush Blue, a hair bleaching technique that is original yet sophisticated, suitable for women who want to change their look: the most fashionable shades, depending on the hair color and at home or at the hairdresser's.

For a bolder look blue Shatush is certainly perfect. But how does that work and for whom is this special color technique good? First, you need to tune the right shade of blue with the hair color, then rate the desired effect by also taking into account the complexion of your skin.

In fact, the hair root is not modified and only the lengths are used. It is not important to be smooth or curly, the Shatush effect is visible and above all you must not be a slave of junior dyes.

Trend Blue hair colors 2020

This is a special variant of classic shatush, one of the trendiest trends of recent years. But while the most prevalent version is somewhat favored by all women, the version on blue is favored by the younger ones, especially those who have a style that does not go unnoticed. Undoubtedly, you must be convinced before you choose the blue Shatush, as this is a decided change.

Blue Shatush, how to do it

To make the blue Shatush at home, you can buy special kits from specialty dye stores. However, it is always better to contact your hairdresser, as it is a specific color. It would be much better to find the most suitable shade and procedure with the trusted hairdresser.

It's like any other Shatush shades of a hair color technique. To create a perfect blue Shatush:

  • First of all, it is necessary to divide the hair into different strands to tease them
  • Then it goes into the bleaching phase: After wearing the gloves, the color is distributed from the tips and allowed to act for about 15 minutes
  • After the laying time, the hair must be washed with plenty of water to make sure that it does not remain a product, and then softened with a balm and better unraveled.

It is very important to fine-tune the hair to make sure that the color product is effective. However, it is not recommended to exaggerate bleaching to avoid excessive strain on the hair. This must indeed look healthy and shiny: It is also possible to perform professional treatments such as special hair masks with stripes and color, so that the color stays longer and the hair is not only spared.

Stylish Ideas With Blue Shatush

There are many fashion ideas to create a beautiful original blue Shatush. The key to a great result is choosing the right shade of blue that best suits your preferences, the color of your hair and the color of your skin. The nuances may indeed vary, but the most important and most frequently chosen ones are:

  • the blue: Excellent for blond or light brown hair, but also for raven hair. Very popular among the very young, blue people who remember the colors of the sea
  • Electric blue: it looks better on darker hair, as it has a light color on black, it stands out more. Enough appreciated, even on brown hair. The effect on blond hair and on girls with very light complexions is less positive
  • Midnight Blue: The right shade for those who do not want to give the hair a strong and strong touch: It is important that they are performed on very dark hair, so that the cut is not excessive. The Shatush on midnight blue can give a sensual look without losing too much about it
  • Light Blue: Suitable for blonde hair, especially for the lightest. IF it is true that the blue Shatush fits better with dark hair, the valid alternative for blondes may be light blue, light and pastel.
  • the blue gray: undoubtedly the most fascinating color in comparison to the others, which in particular can intensively reflect the brown and raven-black hair. The look will be chic and extraordinary, it will surely leave its mark.

For those who dare to change and not want to go unnoticed, all that remains is to try out the different shades of blue and give the hair an original touch, without losing its refinement.


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