Hairstyles : Strengthen the hair during menopause

Hair loss increases with menopause. How to intervene? What are the means? Thanks to a healthy lifestyle and some products and supplements, it is possible to strengthen the hair.

Already at the age of forty years, the hair can be weakened, less full-bodied and the appearance turned off. That is why it is important to strengthen hair during menopause.

The main cause is a decrease in estrogen and an increase in androgenic hormones. In addition, menopause is a very delicate phase in the life of any woman who requires proper care to prevent disorders and discomfort, including hair loss. What should I do? How to intervene?

Hair loss during menopause, causes and remedies

It has been shown that it is still difficult in this phase of life to transport the nutrients into the body, which tend to reach even the hair bulbs difficult, which also leads to a reduction in hair growth and an increase in hair loss.

The need to strengthen the hair is therefore greater during menopause, but we must not forget that hair loss can also stem from hereditary factors and the pursued lifestyle. We will therefore investigate some natural remedies for hair care, especially during menopause.

Lifestyle and supplements

Strengthening your hair also requires a healthy and balanced lifestyle that guarantees adequate intake of vitamins and nutrients in relation to your needs.

In particular, we point out that copper is a particularly important mineral for your hair because it counteracts oxidative stress and free radicals that attack cells and weaken the hair.

Products to strengthen hair during menopause

If ingestion is not enough to maintain the minimum level of nutrients, consult your doctor who will advise you on the most appropriate dietary supplement.

To strengthen thin hair that can become slightly brittle and break, it is necessary to keep in mind the daily cleansing gestures that accompany our days. In fact, it is necessary to choose non-aggressive, but delicate, moisturizing and nourishing products that protect the hair from the roots to the tips.

Particularly useful for strengthening and revitalizing hair are products containing substances such as polyphenols and ceramides that improve hair texture, pantothenic acid and biotin, which help to maintain healthy hair, fermented soy and Ajuga reptans that nourish the hair.

Get advice from your doctor

Using a particular shampoo, conditioner or mask can do much to restore hair firmness, shine and volume. Finally, it is recommended to resort to treatments in vials, adjuvants and with anti-fall and anti-aging effects, better if recommended by the treating physician.

Other natural remedies for debilitation and hair loss that increase during menopause are targeted treatments for external use, such as special packs. For example, substances containing caffeine and borage oil are particularly useful for energizing and strengthening the hair.

These elements improve the scalp and are recommended to strengthen thin hair.

The nourishing properties of olive oil strengthen the hair

Even simple olive oil may have nourishing properties as it contains fatty acids that help hair become stronger. Once or twice a week, it is a good habit to massage and rub the hair length with a small amount of warm olive oil and leave for at least twenty minutes.

Then rinse and wash your hair with a neutral and delicate product. Immediately, the hair appears shinier and voluminous.

Strengthen your hair with henna

Another natural element that is useful for strengthening the hair and combating its hair loss is henna, which is obtained by drying and pulverizing Lawsonia inermis leaves.

The special feature is to bind permanently to the keratin of the hair, creating a kind of film that causes thickening of the hair. The other feature that is especially useful for women is that henna dyes and strengthens the hair.

It is sufficient to mix the mixture in a container with clear water as an alternative to lemon juice or vinegar until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Then cover and let rest for at least 8 hours. Then apply the mixture to the washed hair and let it work for one hour. Take care to cover the hair with a cap or a film. Finally, continue rinsing.


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