Haircuts for Long Hair : Leather jacket and printed tee are a great way to show off your rock ‘n’ roll style. Messy hair and braids are working along perfectly with this style. #wavyhair #hairstyle
Haircuts for Long Hair : Carrie Bradshaw inspired - that is how we see this lovely big white floral accessory in your long wavy hair. #wavyhair #hairstyle
Haircuts for Long Hair : And this is how super long hair looks with waves! #wavyhair #hairstyle
Haircuts for Long Hair : If you prefer brunettes and brown tones of your hair, don’t worry. We have found this lovely wavy hairstyle that seems ideal for you if you have brown hair. #wavyhair #hairstyle
Haircuts for Long Hair : Loose curly waves appear perfect for a wedding - whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid, you will look beautiful and have retro style with this lovely haircut. #wavyhair #hairstyle
Haircuts for Long Hair : With a flower in your hair, you will look very unique and beautiful. Even though it has a boho vibe, you can style your hair like this as your wedding or bridesmaid wavy hairstyle. #wavyhair #hairstyle
Haircuts for Long Hair : Nerdy looks combined with bangs and waves look nothing less but perfect! #wavyhair #hairstyle
Haircuts for Long Hair : Boxer braids look youngish and very bohemian. You can wear them in combination with beachy waves. #wavyhair #hairstyle
Haircuts for Long Hair : We imagine wearing this hairstyle on the seaside. Mixed with sand and sea salt, it will look stunning. #wavyhair #hairstyle
Haircuts for Long Hair : If you were ever thinking about dying your hair into grey, then let this be your dose of inspiration. Waves in combination with this trendy color look absolutely amazing! #wavyhair #hairstyle

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